Students laughing and studying on University Yard; Professor teaching class; Students cheering



Here a whole city is your classroom, renowned experts are your teachers and the president is your neighbor.

And that's just Your First year...



Undergraduate Admissions


is a selective, year-long, living and learning program for first year women at 广发娱乐广发娱乐首页. It promotes excellence in academic achievement, fosters strong community building, and provides the framework that students use to develop their own leadership identity. WLP students have the benefit of small classes, close contact with faculty and women in leadership roles, and strong community ties within this residential program on the Mount Vernon Campus. Through weekly symposia, lectures, workshops, experiences across the city and close contact with successful females in a variety of industry, women in this program are prepared to emerge from 广发娱乐广发娱乐首页 as leaders in their chosen field.



Quick Facts

Undergraduate Programs: 120


475+ student organizations


27 Division 1 Varsity Sports teams


11,000+ internships, 25,000+ jobs available


Average class size: 28 students


More than 40% of 广发娱乐广发娱乐首页 undergraduates study abroad



Ashley Polite

Ashley Polite

Class of 2018
Major: Fine Art Photography

"I get the opportunity to be a part of the art community as well as the larger university, and that's exactly what I wanted. Being around different Corcoran people and 广发娱乐广发娱乐首页 as a whole, there are so many different personalities, so many different ethnicities, so many bright, creative people. And that kind of brought the best out of me."

Admissions for Traditional Undergraduate Programs


Test-Optional Policy 

To us, an applicant is much more than a test score. We want to get to know our students. Our test-optional policy makes it possible for us to get the full story, as you are not required to submit standardized test scores, except in certain situations. You can submit yours if you choose and they will be considered with your other materials.


Access & Success 

广发娱乐首页We want 广发娱乐广发娱乐首页 to be affordable and attainable for any family. Our Task Force on Access & Success looks for new opportunities to enroll the most successful and diverse student body. We’ve formed partnerships, initiatives and scholarships to help in accomplishing that goal and have created programs — like mentorships and resources for undocumented individuals — to ensure our students are successful once they’re on campus.


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