You will not just get an education in D.C., but from D.C. Our roots run deep and our networks stretch wide, giving you

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Foggy Bottom Campus

Student organization fair at University Yard


Foggy Bottom Campus takes 广发娱乐广发娱乐首页 beyond the front row and immerses our community in the buzz of D.C. life.

广发娱乐首页This historic campus, nestled between the White House, the Kennedy Center and a number of federal and international agencies, gives you unparalleled opportunities and turns the city into your classroom.

Whether you're looking to learn from experts in our classrooms, experience the arts in our studios and museums, make discoveries in our research facilities, relax with friends in our residence halls and green spaces or explore the city, Foggy Bottom has something for you.


广发娱乐广发娱乐首页 Foggy Bottom Map with The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, U.S. State Department, Albert Einstein Memorial, Pan American Health Organization, National Academy of Sciences, International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, and Organization of American Studies



Jose in front of the White House

广发娱乐首页Jose Maria Salazar Rodriguez

Bachelor of Arts in Religion, 2021

“Attending George Washington University has been such a blessing for me. I have been able to leave my dorm room, walk four blocks, and stand right in front of the White House. I’ve seen multiple motorcades, experienced protests, and interacted with people from all walks of life all during my first semester of college."

Mount Vernon Campus

Students in front of Ames Hall on 广发娱乐广发娱乐首页's Mount Vernon Campus


Just a few miles from the bustle of downtown, Mount Vernon Campus, affectionately known as "The Vern," provides a traditional college campus atmosphere. The Vern is home to residence halls, academic buildings, athletic facilities, dining options, a library and even an outdoor challenge course, all surrounded by rolling green hills.

Access between The Vern and Foggy Bottom is easy, with a shuttle service running around the clock. 广发娱乐首页 a third of the freshman class lives on this campus and other students visit to watch or play sports, attend classes, catch up with friends and enjoy seasonal events.


Mount Vernon Campus is 3 miles from Foggy Bottom Campus

Virginia Science & Technology Campus

广发娱乐广发娱乐首页's Virginia Science & Technology Campus


广发娱乐首页The Virginia Science and Technology Campus in Ashburn, VA, serves as 广发娱乐广发娱乐首页’s hub for discovery through dynamic research and academic programs.

The campus is home to 17 research labs, centers and institutes advancing knowledge in a wide range of interdisciplinary areas. Innovative academic offerings include the School of Nursing, along with a number of graduate and certificate programs.

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广发娱乐广发娱乐首页's Virginia Science & Technology Campus is 122 acres in the Northern Virginia technology corridor

Online & Virginia Academic Centers

Online education


广发娱乐首页You don’t have to be in D.C. to pursue a 广发娱乐广发娱乐首页 education. We offer a number of study options to fit your schedule, lifestyle and location.

Beyond the main campuses, 广发娱乐广发娱乐首页 has academic centers in Alexandria and Arlington, VA, that provide graduate education opportunities to working professionals near their homes and workplaces.

广发娱乐首页If you’re farther away, or need to customize a program to your schedule, we offer a wide selection of online programs that can be completed in D.C. or around the world.

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